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3.5 stars 65%
Address2 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AT

Phone0161 714 0414

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1761 Restaurant Manchester Review 1761 Restaurant Manchester Review
1761 Manchester Review
Restaurants Of Manchester (Friday 9th March 2018)
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Decor & Ambience 3.5 stars


They've certainly spent a lot of money giving the former Avalanche unit a facelift, with a giant worker bee door handle one of a few subtle nods to the Industrial Revolution, which started in Manchester, aided by the opening of the Bridgewater Canal in 1761 - from which the restaurant takes its name. Although a long way from the smog of 18th Century Manchester, you should check out the stunning aquarium downstairs in Lily's Bar, where, as you'd expect, it's a single use plastic straw free zone.

Although offering great views from the inside, as with the previous operators who have tried this ill-fated unit, when the restaurant is quiet, the huge windows can make the restaurant seem rather uninviting to passers by.
1761 Restaurant Manchester Review 1761 Restaurant Manchester Review
Concillo et Labore (£8.50) & This Is The Place (£9) Needle & Thread (£9)

Price 3.5 stars


Dine at 1761 on a Monday or Tuesday and, for every course you order, they will donate a meal to local poverty charity, Mustard Tree. Prices are generally as you'd expect to pay for a Manchester city centre restaurant (Haddock & Chips for £13.50 or 200g Sirloin with sides for £26.50). Service charge is not included (and goes to staff).

Sides are a hefty £4.50 whilst a 700g Chateaubriand is a whopping £79.
1761 Restaurant Manchester Review 1761 Restaurant Manchester Review
Smoked Duck Breast (£7.50) Salt Cod Scotch Egg (£7.50)

Service 4 stars


Service during our visit was genuinely friendly and attentive, with an informal chatty touch. Each member of staff made an effort to interact with diners and were certainly great ambassadors for proper warm Mancunian hospitality (even though they had come from Hampshire, Yorkshire and elsewhere).

The presentation of some dishes (particularly the Scotch Egg) had been ruined en route between kitchen and table. Our waiter also failed to replace the dirty paper napkins, after disposing of them in between courses, which became a problem with a delicious but sticky Needle & Thread cocktail (£9) that had overflown its glass and therefore resembled the famous "Cream of Manchester" (now made in Wales).
1761 Restaurant Manchester Review 1761 Restaurant Manchester Review
Fish & Chips (£13.50) Spring Lamb Rump (£19.50)

Food & Drink 2.5 stars


We're often asked where to go for traditional Manchester food. 1761 certainly ticks that box. This is proper Mancunian fayre - from Lancashire Sausage (£12.50), and Corned Beef Hash (£13.50) to Bubble & Squeak Risotto (£13), and Manchester Tart (£6.50). All the produce is sourced locally from the Manchester Veg People and Birtwistles Butchers in Irlam. Think standard gastro pub quality with more creative touches - like Fish & Chips (£13.50) battered in Manchester's Three Rivers gin and served with Manchester Caviar (a.k.a. mushy peas). Alongside Manchester's handcrafted First Chop gluten free ales, the Mancunian themed cocktails (£9.50 - £12) are successfully experimental and well crafted - there's an even greater concentration on presentation in Lily's Bar downstairs too - whilst you can choose from 13 wines available by the glass, and there's even Chapel Downs English wines from Kent (£30 a bottle).

Whilst creative, the dishes didn't quite push the boundaries that you'd expect given the amount they've spent on the place. The wine list is surprisingly small at just 22 bins, with only seven whites and seven reds (from £20 for a bottle of La Campagne Viognier to £40 for a St Hallett Butcher's Cart Shiraz). Sadly Bury Black Pudding, Lancashire Hotpot, Steak & Kidney Pudding, Eccles Cake and Vimto didn't make the menu.
1761 Restaurant Manchester Review 1761 Restaurant Manchester Review
Manchester Tart (£6.50) Sticky Toffee Pudding (£6)

Overall 3.5 stars 65%


There's a lot to love about this latest addition to the Manchester scene, especially the ethical approach and support of local charities. They've done a great job with a notoriously unfavourable unit and the Manchester connection is delivered with some success throughout the food and drinks menus, if not the aquarium and tenuous Lily Bollinger theme downstairs.

The gastro pub standard food might have to try a little harder to stamp its identity in an ever increasingly crowded ocean of new fish. Interestingly, they were advertising for a new Head Chef the morning after our visit.

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