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Albert Schloss Manchester
Address27 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR
 Phone0161 833 4040
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Breakfast Menu - Evening Shows
Restaurants Of Manchester (Wednesday 8th May 2024)

Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24 Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24
Albert's Schloss - Table Setting Albert's Schloss - Menu
Who doesn’t love Albert’s Schloss; the Manchester OG institution of good times and tank beer.  I literally can’t think of anybody who isn’t a fan to be honest, as it’s just impossible to enter those grand doors and not have a fantastic time. 

So when we were invited down to check out one of their evening show events, it was a pretty quick acceptance to say the least.

As ever, no matter which time of day or night you visit, it’s a stunning space with that open fire, palatial ceilings and beer tanks greeting you on entry.  It’s just a lovely place to be and gets you right into the mood.  We were promptly sat down in a cosy corner by our lovely server to get settled in and ready for that show kicking off at 9pm.
Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24 Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24
Albert's Schloss - Cocktails Albert's Schloss - Cocktails
It seemed only appropriate to start with a couple of cocktails, in this case the Bacchus Barrel (£13), presented in a cute alpine rescue barrel styled vessel.  Bulleit bourbon based, enhanced with merlot, Barenjager, ginger beer, lemon juice, aquafaba and demerara.  As delicious as it sounds! 

Our second cocktail was the impressive sounding Black Cherry Kaiser (£12).  This one comprised of Monkey 47 gin, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, Cocchi vermouth, cherry gomme, cherry purée, apple juice, lemon juice, bitters.  Complex, juicy, refreshing and above all, super tasty.
Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24 Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24
Albert's Schloss - Cheese and Bacon Pretzel Albert's Schloss - Alpine Krokettes
Onto the food choices;  Cheese and Bacon Pretzel with bier cheese and pickles (£8) was an ideal way to start, and instantly got us into the Bavarian mood.  The pretzel was warm, chewy and delicious, studded with bits of crispy bacon, with those baked cheese notes really adding to things.  Fantastisch.

Alpine Krokettes (£8) were our second starter which fitted the bill to a tee.  A trio of perfectly cooked and super oozy croquettes, bursting with nutty Gruyere cheese, with bacon for even more flavour.  They were topped with a dab of aioli and finely chopped chives, to complete the look.

Soon after our starters were cleared down, the evening’s entertainment began to warm up, which on the evening was Baby Grand Slam; a night of live entertainment where you can sing to your heart’s content alongside two pianists, a killer band, and endless requests made by you, the audience.
Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24 Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24
Albert's Schloss - Cordon Bleu Schnitzel Albert's Schloss - Sausage Fest
Our main courses arrived in time for the show really getting into its stride, and they were just as impressive as the production on stage.

Cordon Bleu Schnitzel (£22.50) was a true feast for the eyes and taste buds. A thinly beaten out chicken breast, covered with Gruyere and prosciutto, then breadcrumbed and fried.  It came with a super satisfying wild mushroom and brandy sauce, and a portion of truffle perfumed fries on the side.

The aptly named Sausage Fest (£25) was a huge plate crammed full of meaty goodness.  3 different wurst; A classic Bratwurst, Kaiserwurst, and a chilli beef Frankfurter.  These were paired with a potato salad, green salad, a fantastic house kraut, and both mustard and currywurst sauce.  All wursts are available singularly in a bun, rather than all 3 on a platter, should you be feeling less hungry that we were.
Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24 Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24
Albert's Schloss - Apple Strudel Albert's Schloss - Salted Caramel Brulee
And after two fantastic courses, we really didn’t need anything else, but marched on, along with the show.

Klassic Apple Strudel (£8) is indeed a classic, and for good reason. It’s always our go to pudding when eating German/Alpine driven food with its layers of soft pastry with lovely, stewed apples, in this case finished with an extra-large boat of vanilla sauce, as the menu read. But that can be translated into custard.

Salted Caramel Brulee (£8) was our final plate of the evening, and it was again another classic, or at least a riff on one.  Silky salted caramel crème, topped with torched sugar for some colour and crunch, and a shortbread biscuit for a bit of extra texture, which also acted as a dipping vessel. Personally we would of liked a thicker and more even brulee topping.

After enjoying an evening of great service, fantastic atmosphere, and hearty food, we were ready for home so called an Uber, which is of course the German word for over, as in beyond a certain point, or excessive.   So, it felt somewhat ironic after spending a few great hours overindulging in all things German.  We drove off knowing that we will 100% be back, as Arnold would say.  He’s Austrian, but still.
Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24 Albert Schloss - Show Night May 24
Albert's Schloss - Drinks Albert's Schloss - Drinks Menu
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