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Shahenshah Rusholme
Tel. 0871 246 5916 (*= Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's operating charge)
135 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, M14 5AW [map]
One of the most popular Pakistani and Indian curry houses in Rusholme
Spicy Mint Rusholme
Mughli Restaurant Rusholme
Shahenshah Rusholme Manchester - overall reader reviews
most popular dish: chicken tikka massala
Shahenshah Restaurant Rusholme - member's reviews
"The Shahenshah has just reopened with a new owner and the food and service is just as good as before. There are only two of the original staff, so the new lads will need to get up to speed, otherwise it's still the best on the row." - alan ratcliffe, farnworth ~ Member since Jan 2010 (19/6/11 ~ visited on a Saturday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "Call me a hypocrite, but everytime I do a review of a restaurant down Rusholme, I always use the words 'average', 'uninspiring', 'typical' etc, but I still keep going back. Rusholme, as 'average' as it is, really does have something special about it though, especially if you have a window seat to watch the world go by outside. Despite being starving at about 6pm, we purposely put off leaving the house until about 8, so that it would be dark whilst dining, when the neons and crowds outside make the place come alive. Anyway, as always, we were overwhelmed by choice, but chose Shahenshah despite previous press reports of cockroaches, and despite having a very 'average' meal here a couple of years back... mainly due to the fact that they took Hi-Life.

The gent who greeted us seemed a little confused when we asked if they could fit us in with a Hi Life card. There were only about three tables with guests, so I didn't expect a 'no', but the manager stepped in and showed us to a table, assuring us that we would indeed be getting one meal for free.

We just ordered water, as we had just spent a weekend away, so booze wasn't very appealing. We were charged £4 for two 500ml bottles of Buxton water. Quite overpriced, but not to worry.

We chose for starters a Lamb Tikka, and Chicken Pakora. Soon after ordering, we were given poppadoms and salad, despite not ordering these. The poddadoms went down a treat, but the salad served its purpose as a table decoration. It wasn't long before our starters arrived, and they were surprisingly, very good. The chicken was moist and well flavoured with spice but could have done with some kind of mint/yogurt dip, and the lamb was perfectly cooked and in a very large portion. A good start, especially when you're in a restaurant purely for its surroundings, not the good food.

The mains of King Prawn Biryani and Fish Sizzler were both well cooked, flavoursome, and very filling. Nothing special, and again as with most places in the area, very 'average', but we enjoyed everything. We've not eaten out in town for a while, so a curry is always a great welcome home.

It was great to sit in a window, watching the world go by, chatting and relaxing whilst eating a perfectly acceptable, not to mention half price meal courtesy of Hi Life, and reminded us of exactly why Rusholme has something special about it, and also why there's no great restaurants down there. Simply because there doesn't need to be in order to pull the punters in.

The bill landed, and we had been charged for the poppadoms, which is fine as you expect it these days, but also £1.50 for the unordered, uneaten salad, which was a little cheeky we thought. Oh well, we got two courses free through Hi Life, and just didn't leave a tip to over/compensate for the principle of the unwanted salad charge.

Overall Shahenshah is a decent curry house, great location, but again, pretty average yet enjoyable meal. 3/5 across the board."
- chris handley, salford ~ TRUSTED REVIEWER (17/7/09 ~ visited on a Sunday evening)

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