Pacific China Manchester
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Pacific China, Chinatown

Pacific China Restaurant Manchester

Tel: 0161 228 6668
58-60 George Street, Chinatown, Manchester M1 4HF [map]  
posh restaurant on two floors - serves chinese downstairs and thai upstairs [amend]
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Pacific Restaurant Manchester - overall reader reviews

most popular dish: honey glazed braised eel fillets
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Pacific Chinese Restaurant Manchester - reader comments

"I've been going to Pacific regularly for some time, about once a month, and the service has gone from bad to worse. The food is still decent. A couple of weeks ago I went, no doubt for the last time, as I've never experienced a more shocking service anywere in the world. There are so many points I don't even know were to begin.

1) We had to wait 1,5 hours between our starters and the main course.

2) A member of our group twice ordered wine, from two different members of the staff - nothing came!

3) When we received our main course, finally, some of us wanted to order drinks, but we wasn't allowed because 'they didnt take any more orders'. How can you "not take orders" at the same time as you hand out the main course? Result being some of us didnt have drinks at all.

4) Some of us ordered a banquet menu and, with others ordering similar dishes, the staff had no control over what should go to who and showed no interest whatsoever in trying to help us out. We ended up switching most plates after they left.

5) We werent offered coffe/drinks after the meal.

6) The menu we ordered included a dessert that we didn't even get, they brought over the bill and didn't even mention it.

7) They also include a 10% service charge witch obviously is a standard. I think this is new thing at Pasific, and their way of getting their money despite the poor service.

To really top it off, what happened as we were about to pay just sums up our evening. One person in the group was given money from everyone to pay and as he was counting the money, a member of the staff was standing over him constantly. Before he was done, he put the money down on the table and the member of the staff had the nerve to reach for it and pick it up! I was absolutely blown away by the overall horrible service.

It hasn't always been like this, but of late, this has been the trend and I will never set foot there again!.
- Rune Thomsen, Norway 29/12/08 (visited on a saturday evening)

"We loved the food and the banquet was excellent value at £90 for two including drinks and service charge. The staff were friendly, smart and eager to please. The only complaint was the cost of parking in the China Town car park (£9.50 for 3 hours). I would definitely recommend this restaurant again. The Seafood Buffet for 2 is a bargain " - simon wright, netherthong 19/11/08 (visited on a wednesday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "With so many restaurants to choose from in Manchester China Town, it's important to choose the right one, rather than opting blind for one that could possibly be bettered by your local takeaway. You can't go wrong with Pacific China.

As you enter Pacific you'd be forgiven for having second thoughts as the decor of the building, on the somewhat confusing climb to the first floor (above Teppanyaki Restaurant), isn't that inviting. Once you get passed this stage though you arrive inside the restaurant which is split over two floors - downstairs you'll find Pacific China, whilst upstairs there's Pacific Thai, which is operated as a virtually different restaurant so you'll need to decide which cuisine you fancy most seeing as you can't mix and match the two menus.

We opted for the large, modern no frills dining area of Pacific China and first impressions of the restaurant were certainly very good. The place is rather tastily decorated and, always a good sign, was packed with Chinese families. The staff were excellent - very friendly and incredibly efficient, even offering assistance before being asked, whilst the menu is a delight in itself. Cram packed with speciality dishes you would have certainly never have tried before, there's a massive selection of Banquets, Dim Sums, Stir Frys, Deep Fried dishes and a vast array of Seafood specials. Pacific also boast one of the best Vegetarian menus in Manchester. Prices are extremely reasonable and they even accept Hi-Life Card, giving you 2 meals for the price of 1.

After working our way through the wonderful but filling Dim Sum dishes, we opted for the Honey Glazed Braised Eel Fillets, which were very tasty and good value at just £9.50, and the Chicken Fillet with Yam in a Creamy Coconut Sauce Casserole (£9.50), an equally excellent example of Pacific's authentic Chinese dishes - certainly worth returning for!

And by the time we were walking down those uninspiring stairs again, somewhat more uncomfortable with very full bellys, it has to be said, we had decided without a shadow of a doubt - Pacific certainly fits the bill as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre!" - restaurants of manchester - 13/10/08 (visited on a monday afternoon)

"Best vegetarian choices in Manchester" - jade dixon, manchester 10/9/08 (visited on a monday evening)

"Absolutely brilliant, the best Chinese food I've ever had" - joe, huddersfield 15/12/07 (visited on a saturday evening)

"This is by far the best food I have ever eaten. The food is superb. I would go every day if i could. The Dim Sum menu is out of this world and very reasonably priced" - rachel wallace, manchester 14/11/07 (visited on a mon lunch)

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