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Jaan Persian Bread Kitchen Manchester
AddressSt George's House, 56 Peter St, Manchester M2 3NQ
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Jaan - Menu Launch
Restaurants Of Manchester (Wednesday 8th May 2024)

Jaan - Launch May 2024 Jaan - Launch May 2024
Jaan - Launch Menu Jaan - Venue
A bread kitchen from the team behind Another Hand opened its doors in Exhibition on Wednesday May 8th, in an effort to expand the brand’s sustainable practices. 

Since opening in 2022, Another Hand has placed the utmost focus on  sustainability.  Produce is sourced from across the North West, with the vast majority of ingredients travelling no more than 40 miles, meaning that you not only get the best of local produce, but can be assured that carbon footprints are kept to a minimal.

Combating food waste is also a huge driver for Jaan’s inception.  For example, a whole sirloin will be carved up to create both Another Hand’s aged ex-dairy sirloin dish with the strip loin, whilst the meat trimmings will be turned into Jaan’s beef tartare.  The tail and trim from Another Hand’s Seared Trout will feature in Jaan’s Fire roasted sea trout fatoush salad, whilst one squash will create Another Hand’s Winter Squash small plate as well as Jaan’s Scorched summer squash.
Jaan - Launch May 2024 Jaan - Launch May 2024
Jaan - Flatbread Jaan - Whipped Butterbean & Smoked Aubergine
Due to the above, we were keen to attend an invitation to take an early look at what Jaan has to offer, and being huge fans of Another Hand and all of the above, we had sky high expectations. 

Fellow fans of Another Hand will be aware that their Wildfarmed House Flatbreads have become a staple on the menu, boasting ever changing seasonal toppings. It’s these famous flatbreads that will be lynchpin on the menu at Jaan.   The kitchen also features a Gozney oven, which the guys are understandably proud of,  and is the heart of the kitchen.
Jaan - Launch May 2024 Jaan - Launch May 2024
Jaan - Ex Dairy Beef Tartare Flatbread Jaan - Gozney Oven
We tried;

Whipped Butterbean was pureed until as smooth as you could wish for, topped with some charred onion chutney, a dusting of punchy za’atar, and an attractive halo of great quality oil.  A dish which was simply made to be scooped up with those delicious breads.

Smoked Aubergine was another winning dip.  Silky, rich, and smokey, with a lovely pot of texture from some coated macadamias.  More goodness.

Ex Dairy Beef Tartare Flatbread included some great quality protein, carrying the mature and robust flavours which you expect with such bovine.  Garnish was some lovely horseradish cream and softened onions, along with and Ottolenghi’s favourite; some pomegranate molasses for a bite of acidic sweetness to ease off all that beefy richness.

Grilled Squid was super fresh, scored with surgical precision, then cooked delightfully.  Some green tomato added a hint of freshness and livening acidity, whilst a generous base of ‘nduja brought fire to the plate.  Definitely one to take note of if your spice tolerance is as flimsy as mine.

Our final plate as the Lamb Shank, which was was superb.  One of y favourite cuts, this was brined for 3 days and then slowly cooked at 85c, before being finished off at intense heat in the Gozney for a wonderfully charred crust, studded with whole spices.    A side of bejewelled grains, house pickles and a pot of labneh finished the plate.  Obscenely good.
Jaan - Launch May 2024 Jaan - Launch May 2024
Jaan - Grilled Squid Jaan - Lamb Shank
Chef Patrons Max Yorke and Julian Pizer commented; “We feel extremely privileged to be offered the opportunity to cook alongside Osma and Baratxuri at Exhibition Manchester.  Over the last few years our small 24 cover restaurant has generated a large waitlist and we are excited to showcase our new concept to a wider audience. Most importantly, as we make more steps to improve our environmental standards, our food waste systems showed an obvious area in which we could develop.  By opening a second kitchen in such a fast-paced venue we can take unused produce from Another Hand and even further reduce, and hopefully eradicate, our wastage.” 
Jaan - Launch May 2024 Jaan - Launch May 2024
Jaan - Wine Jaan - Exhibition
** Our experience was all gratefully comped **
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