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Fenix Restaurant Manchester
Greek Restaurants in Manchester
There's a small number of Greek tapas bars, tavernas and meze restaurants in Manchester, serving the considerably large Greek and Cypriot population as well as the local community.

Choose from quality establishments specialising in seafood dishes, meze, krestico, mousaka and kieftethes or opt for the fun-packed bouzouki bars with Greek dancing and plate smashing.


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KEY:   5 stars = World Class!
4 stars = Fantastic    3.5 stars = Very Good
3 stars = Good   2 stars = OK    1 star = Poor
Cost of meal for 2 with wine = Average cost of 3 course a la carte dinner for 2 people + service charge
Michelin Star = Michelin Stars Awarded   AA Rosette = AA Rosettes Awarded
available to book online = Available to book online

Best Greek Restaurants Manchester - Fenix
Best Greek Restaurants Manchester - Fenix
Fenix   Greek
  • Inspired by exotic lands and legends Fenix serves escapism through elevated modern greek-mediterranean cuisine.
  • The Fenix experience is based on phases, and changes with the hours of the day
  • At Fenix, each day has three phases. Seize your moment
  • Bask In The Afternoon Sun - Welcome to a light-filled world of flavours and sensations split over two levels
  • Ignite The Flames Of The Golden Hour - As sun falls evening light takes on new tones.
  • Find Energy In The Dark Of Night - As the evening evolves so too does Fenix, and the cycle is complete.
  • Located close to Spinningfields and the Opera House
Cost of meal for 2 with wine = £114 + 12.5%  
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Other Greek Restaurants in Manchester
KEY:   5 stars = World Class!
4 stars = Fantastic    3.5 stars = Very Good
3 stars = Good   2 stars = OK    1 star = Poor
Greek Dimitris Tapas Taverna & Restaurant Good
Greek Bouzouki By Night No reviews
Greek The Real Greek No reviews
Greek Rozafa Taverna No reviews
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