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Phetpailin, Chinatown

Phetpailin Manchester

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46 George Street, Chinatown, City Centre, Manchester, M1 4HF [map]
Tel: 0161 228 6500
authentic thai restaurant serving local specalities in cosy surroundings [amend]
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Phetpailin Restaurant Manchester - overall reader reviews

most popular dish: thai green curry

Phetpailin Thai Restaurant Manchester - reader comments

"We have never had a bad meal or a bad experience here! We love it! The food is delicious, you are not rushed, and the fact you can bring your own alcohol makes it even more appealing, as it keeps costs down & you can drink exactly what you want! It seems to be a lovely, family business - the staff do sit at one of the tables in the restaurant, but that doesn't bother me, I am talking to my friends, so why shouldn't they! This place is unpretentious and concentrates on what I think is important... the food." - liz, manchester 18/10/08 (visited on a thursday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "We first visited Phetpailin on a lunchtime when it first opened over a year ago and first impressions put us off a quick return - the food was nice, and the decor, which especially for China Town, is welcoming and reflective of this traditional Thai family restaurant that it obviously is. Surprisingly, it was the family set up that spoilt our visit. We were the only people in the restaurant with the exception of the owners, who were sat around the table in the corner, watching TV and Skyping friends on their laptops. We had to literally beg for service to prise them away from their screens. As it was a very quiet lunchtime and it had only just opened we put it down to the fact they were so quiet.

Roll on a year later and we headed up the stairs above Long Legs strip bar and past the Thai massage parlour on the first floor for another midday lunch. It was like deja vu. The restaurant, with it's Thai wood carvings, candles and decorations was very welcoming although there was nobody in there, except for the owners, the same family, sat around their laptops, watching TV and doing some embroidery. One of them decided to get up and sat us down at a table where we were presented with the menu's, which were very nicely presented with descriptions of each dish and the health benefits of the ingredients. We chose various dishes, including grilled squid and Pad Thai. The waitress took our order to the kitchen and then returned to her Skype conversation on her laptop.

At this point a man (presumably the owner and/or the chef) walked in the front door with some Sainsburys bags and into the kitchen at the back. We commented on the great guitaring on the Oriental rock track that played and we waited for our food. A knock on the wall, and the waitress interupted her Skype conversation to go into the kitchen and get our starters. We tried to make conversation with her but she either didn't understand or didn't hear us. She returned to her computer and the same man suddenly appeared at the front door again with more Sainsbury's bags and walked through to the kitchen.

With empty plates and empty glasses we waited for service. Alas, none came until eventually another knock on the wall prompted a different waitress to reluctantly leave her computer to pop into the kitchen and return with our food. We discussed the music once more and the same guy returned to the front door, walking through with more Sainbury's bags. We tucked into our food, which was good quality without reaching the standards set by the likes of Chaophraya, The Thai Lounge or Vermilion.

As we commented about the quality of the dishes, which are slightly more expensive than you'd pay elsewhere, the same man popped out of the back door and in through the front once more with his Sainbury's bags. Resorting to sharing drinks amongst us as the waitresses by now had all disappeared - presumably to help unpack the shopping - we suddenly realised that we recognised the music that was playing. At first we thought it was an Oriental cover version of a British band until then the penny dropped. The same song had been on a single track loop since we had entered the restaurant an hour and half before. We made a mental note to return to Phetpailin if we ever wanted to start learning to sing in Thai.

As soon as a waitress reappeared, we got the bill and made a sharp exit. It's a crying shame as it's a good little restaurant, especially by China Town's standards, that's just let down by the fact that the staff is made up of family members who only work there through requirement rather than desire. If they put as much attention into the service as other Thai restaurants in Manchester, or in Thailand in general, then they could have a really busy little place. As it is, during our two lunchtime visits at least, you feel like your gatecrashing somebody's family gathering.

As we left, the looped track still playing in the background, the same man re-appeared in the doorway with more Sainbury's bags. Derren Brown would love this place!" - restaurants of manchester 8/3/08 (visited on a friday lunchtime)

"I liked the PhetPailin so much my partner and I have been here 5 times or so and will be visitig with friends in the future. Friends who have been on our recommendation have also visited with their friends and family since. Having been to Thailand in late 2004, I feel the food is very authentic and in keeping with my expectations. I have been to more well known Thai restaurants in Manchester but feel that this surpasses them all to date. I really hope that this young restaurant survives to keep serving up great Thai food for many years to come. Keep up the good work!" - mark whitfield, bolton 3/4/07 (visited on a saturday evening)
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